Blog Entries - 'Centerless Grinding'

An outdoor patio with decorative spindles above the text " Centerless Grinding: The Key to High-Quality Decorative Spindles"

Centerless Grinding: The Key to High-Quality Decorative Spindles 

We all love decorative spindles for their style and versatility. Spindles have so many uses that everyone who works with wood components will need them at one point or another.  


From baby cribs, popular fishing equipment, and even handles for gavels, the applications of spindles are endless. 


How can one wood component be made for so many different applications? 

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Centerless Grinding Gets the Job Done Faster

Atlas Dowel and Wood Products Company uses a technique known as centerless grinding when constructing our specialty wood products like our decorative spindles. This centerless grinding technique is used to remove material from the wood without using a

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