Centerless Grinding Gets the Job Done Faster

Atlas Dowel and Wood Products Company uses a technique known as centerless grinding when constructing our specialty wood products like our decorative spindles. This centerless grinding technique is used to remove material from the wood without using a center spindle to move the wood.  Why is centerless grinding important? This process allows Atlas Dowel to produce more specialty wood products than other manufacturers.  

When we’re able to produce a higher output of specialty wood products in a short period, it ensures we can meet the orders of our clients when they need it.  Atlas Dowel regularly supplies contractors, wood workers and furniture manufacturers with large orders of spindles and custom parts that must be produced and delivered on time.  

When produced on a traditional spindle cutting system, specialty wood parts require a longer processing time than using the centerless grinding technique.  Again, when you need a large order, it’s important that pieces are produced quickly and correctly.  

Centerless grinding works on all wood types that we carry.  Many of our products are available in Cherry, Teak, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak etc. Since centerless grinding works well on all wood types, we trust this technique to process all of our orders.