The Positive Environmental Impact of Getting Wood from Managed Forests

The Positive Environmental Impact of Getting Wood from Managed Forests 

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There is a prevalent misconception today that wood and wood products are not environmentally sustainable.  


The truth is, wood is an extremely eco-friendly material, so long as it is sourced from areas that use sustainable forestry practices, like those being used here in the Midwest which includes Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  


Managed forests are subject to strict rules and oversight which ensure that logging is conducted sustainably. In short, sustainable forests ensure that trees are not cut down faster than they can grow. Further, sustainable forest practices help in many other ways that protect wildlife habitats, soil and water.  


In this post, we will explain the background of sustainable wood and managed forests, and the positive environmental impact of harvesting lumber from these areas.  


What are Managed Forests and How do They Make Lumber Sustainable?  


Atlas Dowel believes that our forests are the greatest natural resource we have.  


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, about 23% of the world’s forest are classified as “appropriately and/or highly managed” as of 2020. This means that these forests have management plans in place that are subject to regular monitoring and reporting on their health and productivity.   


It is important to note, the remaining 77% of the world's forest are not necessarily unmanaged or untouched by humans. Many of these forests are subject to some degree of human influence, whether through traditional forest management practices, selective logging, or other forms of use. However, these forests may not have formal management plans or may not be subject to the same level of monitoring and reporting as managed forests. 


Purchasing wood products from sustainable sources is more important now than ever before. You will be supporting major conservation efforts and ensuring that the wood you use is replaced responsibly. The future of forestry and sustainable timber sourcing is important.  


Do your part by purchasing your wood component needs from a supplier that uses wood from managed forests.  


Sustainable Wood Components from Atlas Dowel  


The environmental benefits of managed forests are clear. The future of forestry is in sustainable timber sources. That is why we only purchase our lumber from suppliers that believe in these principles of good resource stewardship – rest assured that the wood components that you purchase from Atlas Dowel support the environment and wildlife.  


If you want top-quality dowels and wood products that are harvested sustainably, then you need to be careful about which supplier you buy from – your current supplier?  


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