The Importance of Quality Wood in Furniture Making

The Importance of Quality Wood in Furniture Making

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We use furniture every day, from the chairs we sit on to the desks we work on and even the beds we sleep on at night.  


Furniture plays an important role in our daily lives. It goes beyond comfort; we rely on top-quality furniture for our everyday needs.  


Because of this, quality wood is important when it comes to furniture making. 


Cheap components make for short-lived, uncomfortable furniture that will wear down and break sooner rather than later. 


Whether it makes up the main structure or is used as an accent, quality wood is essential for the creation of beautiful and comfortable furniture.  


In this post, we will look at the importance of quality wood in furniture making and why you never want to skimp on wood quality when you are crafting furniture. 


The Benefits of Using Quality Wood in Furniture 


Choosing the right wood components for furniture making is not always easy. That is true for all wood components, from the largest structural pieces down to the thinnest dowels.  


You need wood that you can count on to stand the test of time and the pressures of daily life.  


Quality wood is wood that has been harvested, processed, and manufactured in a manner that results in top-quality and long-lived furniture.  


The first step in ensuring the best quality wood is used in furniture making is to select the correct kind of wood. There are many different varieties of wood to choose from, and each has unique qualities and characteristics that will alter the final product.  


For furniture making, the most popular woods include oak, maple, cherry, walnut, hickory, and birch. However, the list does not stop there, and many crafty furniture makers experiment with exotic wood types.  


You can even make further considerations such as looking into furniture making with sustainable woods. Eco-friendly considerations such as these are important as you want wood that is produced sustainably in addition to the correct wood grade.  


The durability of furniture made from high-quality wood is significantly better than the durability of furniture made from cheap or low-grade wood. Make sure you do your research before selecting the right wood components for your project, and always reach out to the manufacturer should you have any questions. 


High-Quality Wood Components from Atlas Dowel 


Choosing the right wood for furniture making is important. You must use wood with the right lumber grade, durability, and quality to meet your project’s needs.  


All of our components made at Atlas Dowel & Wood Products Company are carefully selected. Moisture content must be below 10% (target 7-8%) before any processing can take place! This is very important because it helps prevent movement in the wood post-manufacturing. 


If you are looking for top-quality wood dowels, joinery, pegs, and other fine wood components, then there is no better supplier in North America. 


At Atlas Dowel, we understand that your needs go far beyond quickly assembling a piece of furniture. You want to make a quality product that will stand the test of time and satisfy your customers’ needs. Our manufacturing process includes six (6) quality checks starting with the raw material through the finished products. 


If you are looking for the best quality wood products for your furniture manufacturing business, then it is time to shop Atlas Dowel today! 


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