The Benefits of Using Quality Custom-Made Dowels

The Benefits of Using Quality Custom-Made Dowels

The Benefits of Using Quality Custom-Made Dowels

Dowels have hundreds of applications. But if you are buying standard wooden dowels in bulk, then you will likely have to cut or alter them to ensure that they fit your purposes. One of the major advantages of working with Atlas Dowel is that our team can provide you with quality, custom-made dowels in bulk.  

Custom-made dowels are crafted for your specific needs. There are many different customizations we can make to pieces of wood or dowels to ensure that they meet your specifications exactly. Our team can use our precision machinery to increase dowel tensile strength, boreholes to make connecting wood components easier, we can cut dowels at precise angles or shapes, and much, much more.  

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of using quality custom wood dowels from Atlas Dowel. We will cover some of the customization options we offer, and give you examples of how different customizations can fit different situations. Keep reading to learn more about customized wooden dowels!  


Uses of Custom-Made Wood Dowels 


Custom-made wood dowels have a wide range of applications in various industries and for different purposes. One of the main benefits of using custom-made wood dowels is that they can be tailored to specific requirements and specifications. 

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One popular application of custom-made wood dowels is in the creation of fishing lures. You may need a smaller or larger fishing lure depending on the size of fish you are trying to catch. Creating your lures from dowels ensures that you can cut your lure to the proper width and length for your specific fishing trip needs.  

Similarly, in the manufacturing of precision rollers, custom-made dowels ensure smooth and efficient operation. They also ensure that your products are rolled to the right size, diameter, and shape so you get a reliable output every time.  

Tool handles are another area where custom-made wood dowels are commonly used. The strength and durability of the dowels make them suitable for this application, ensuring reliable and long-lasting tool handles. 

Furthermore, custom-made wood dowels are also used in the production of toy parts and novelty items. The precise measurements and construction of these dowels make them ideal for creating intricate and well-crafted pieces. 

There are hundreds of examples of custom wooden dowel applications. The idea of getting your dowels pre-customized from a supplier like Atlas Dowel is that it can save your business big in terms of time, man-hours, and money. Custom dowels that are ready for implementation immediately mean that you do not have to spend time cutting, drilling, or otherwise altering your wooden dowels in-shop. Instead, they are shipped to you ready to go, and they can be used in your processes, same day.  

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In the next section, we will look at a few different customization options and give you some application examples that may apply to your business.  

A macramé wall hanging on a dowel

What are the Different Customizations Atlas Dowel Can Do? 


Atlas Dowel specializes in providing high-quality custom-made dowels that offer numerous benefits for various woodworking applications. We offer many different customization options that can be used by any business for more efficient assembly or production processes. 

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Tenoned Dowels 


If you need to use wooden dowels to make a strong joint with another component, a tenoned dowel joint is just what you need. The mechanical properties of this cut make assembling a strong wooden joint foolproof.  


Pointed Dowels 


Used mostly for stylistic appeal, pointed dowels are used to finish off or tie together a project. Smoothed to a rounded point, pointed dowels can be used for anything from flag poles to table construction.  


End-Bored Dowels 


End-bored dowels are customized dowels with a hole bored into the end of the dowel (the smaller circular side). Bored holes can be made to any metric size and make attaching your dowels to other pieces of wood or wood components easier. The mechanical properties of the bored hole ensure that strength and stability are maintained.  


Cross-Bored Dowels 


Cross-bored dowels are dowels with holes bored at an angle through the side of the dowel. The mechanical properties of this custom dowel are designed to make attachment and alignment easier for custom projects.   


Rounded Dowels 


Rounded dowels are wood components where the end of the dowel has been smoothed, rounded, or domed. Rounded dowels have many applications including use as broom handles. They are primarily used for comfortable handling or aesthetic appeal.  


Chamfered Dowels 


Chamfered dowels are designed to be used in place of screws for easy attachment. Chamfered dowels have a beveled edge, the mechanical properties of which make for easy insertion. The beveled edge can be cut to a variety of lengths to fit your needs.  


Grooved Dowels 


Grooved dowels are designed for ease of gluing. The mechanical properties of this customization make it so your dowels can be glued into small areas efficiently by increasing surface area.  


Slotted Dowels 


Slotted dowels are customized to allow for improved flexibility and increased attachment points. Slotted dowels are standard dowels that have a slot of various widths cut into the side. The mechanical properties of this customization make the dowel light and lets you slide a coordinating piece of wood or metal into the slot for a tight and reliable fit.  


Square Cut Dowels 


Square-cut dowels are dowels whose ends have been cut at precise 90-degree angles. The mechanical properties of this cut make it so it inserts perfectly into bored holes.  


Tapered Dowels 


Mainly used for aesthetic appeal, tapered dowels are dowels whose ends have been cut into sloping points, like that of a pencil.  


Fluted Dowels 


Fluted dowels are dowels that have grooves or slots cut into the side along the length of the dowel. The mechanical properties of this cut are designed to allow for better gripping and a tighter fit when inserted into a corresponding bored hole. Atlas Dowel can make flutes to your exact specifications, no matter the depth or length of the flute.  

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Atlas Dowel Makes Custom Dowels for Your Business 


Your business needs dowels. But if your dowels have custom applications are you are altering them in-shop yourself, then you are wasting time, money, and man-hours. Instead, Atlas Dowel can make custom dowels to your specifications and deliver them directly to your doorstep.  

Your company saves resources when you purchase dowels already customized to your needs. Just send us sketches or drawings of your dowel customization needs and Atlas Dowel has the infrastructure and machinery to make it happen. We can customize dowels any way you need.  

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