The Advantages of Using Wooden Dowels Over Plastic and Steel

The Advantages of Using Wooden Dowels Over Plastic and Steel

February 5, 2024  |  Advantages, Eco-Friendly, Wooden Dowels
The Advantages of Using Wooden Dowels Over Plastic and Steel

There are several advantages to using wooden dowels over plastic or Steel.  In this blog, we will explore the cost-effectiveness, eco-friendly nature of wooden dowels, and how they align with sustainable practices will be emphasized. In addition, we will discuss the versatile applications of wooden dowels across industries, showcasing their adaptability and functionality.  

By drawing from our expertise in crafting custom wooden solutions at Atlas Dowel and comparing the benefits of wooden dowels with plastic and steel counterparts, we hope that you will choose to use wood for your next project.  

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Wood Dowels are More Cost-Effective than Steel or Plastic 


Wood dowels are more cost-effective compared to steel or plastic for several reasons.

First, wood dowels are relatively cheaper to manufacture compared to steel or plastic dowels. Steel dowels require the extraction and processing of iron ore, which involves high energy and labor costs. Plastic dowels require the extraction and refining of petroleum, adding to the costs. On the other hand, wood dowels can be sourced from sustainable forests at relatively lower costs.

Second, wood dowels are more readily available and accessible. Wood is a widely available resource, and dowels can be produced from various species, such as pine or oak. This accessibility leads to lower transportation costs, as wood dowels can be transported in smaller quantities over shorter distances, reducing overall costs. 

Additionally, wood dowels are lightweight, which further contributes to their cost-effectiveness. Lighter materials require less energy for transportation and packaging, resulting in lower shipping costs. In contrast, steel dowels are much heavier and require specialized transport and handling, which can be more expensive. 

Moreover, wood dowels are versatile and can be easily customized or cut to specific sizes, shapes, and lengths, allowing for more flexibility in various applications for any of your needs. To view our selection of dowels, click here! We have several options to choose from for all your projects. 

Steel or plastic dowels often require additional machining processes, which can be time-consuming and costly.

The cost-effectiveness of wood dowels lies in their lower manufacturing costs, accessibility, lightweight nature, and versatility. These advantages make wood dowels a more economical choice for you compared to steel or plastic alternatives. 


Wood Dowels are Eco-Friendly  


Wood dowels are an eco-friendly alternative for you to utilize opposed to other materials like steel or plastic due to various sustainable practices used in their production and application.  

Here are the specific sustainable practices associated with wood dowels: 


  1. Renewable Resource: Wood dowels are made from sustainably sourced timber. Responsible forestry practices ensure the continuous growth and replanting of trees, making wood a renewable resource.

  2. Lower Energy Consumption: Compared to the energy-intensive production processes of steel or plastic, wood dowels require relatively less energy. This reduction in energy consumption makes wood dowels more environmentally friendly.

  3. Minimal Carbon Footprint: Wood dowels have a lower carbon footprint compared to their steel or plastic counterparts. The extraction, processing, and manufacturing of wood dowels release fewer greenhouse gases, contributing less to climate change.

  4. Biodegradability: Unlike steel or plastic, wood dowels are biodegradable. After being used, wood dowels can decompose naturally without leaving behind harmful microplastics or persistent waste. 


Now, let's compare the eco-friendliness of wood dowels with steel and plastic. 

Wooden dowels have an advantage over steel when it comes to sustainability, as steel production requires substantial amounts of fossil fuels and releases significant greenhouse gas emissions. In comparison to plastic, plastic is derived from non-renewable fossil fuels, uses energy-intensive processes for manufacturing, and takes hundreds of years to decompose, polluting the environment.  


Versatile Applications of Wooden Dowels Across Industries 


Wood dowels are cylindrical rods made from solid wood, typically used in a variety of industries. They are widely acclaimed for their versatility and numerous applications, making them a superior option when compared to steel or plastic alternatives. 

One of the primary advantages of wooden dowels is their adaptability. They can be easily cut to various lengths, making them suitable for diverse projects in different industries. Whether it's woodworking, construction, or even arts and crafts, wooden dowels offer unparalleled flexibility.  

Wood dowels also boast remarkable functionality. Due to their natural material, they possess excellent gripping capabilities, allowing for secure fastening. Unlike steel or plastic dowels, wooden ones provide a better grip and reduce slippage, making them ideal for joint reinforcements and load-bearing applications. 

Furthermore, wooden dowels have proven to be more aesthetically pleasing compared to their steel or plastic counterparts. Their organic and warm appearance can enhance the visual appeal of a finished product, making them an excellent choice for all your decorative purposes. 

To summarize, wooden dowels are highly versatile and can be used in a range of industries. Their adaptability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal set them apart from steel or plastic alternatives. Whether in woodworking, construction, or artistic endeavors, wooden dowels prove to be the superior choice. 

If you want to learn more about why industries are choosing wood dowels, click here!  

Atlas Dowel Makes Wood Dowels for Your Business 


Wooden Dowels prove to be the superior option to choose over steel or plastic due to their cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and versatility across industries.  

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