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A misty forest. The text reads, "How Woods Are Affected" by Different Climates

How Woods Are Affected by Different Climates

December 18, 2023  |  Climate Factors, Wood Facts, Wood Species

Understanding how climatic factors affect the properties of wood is crucial for understanding how wood will behave based on the regional environment in which it was grown.  

Researchers have been studying the relationship between climate and wood properties, including wood density, mechanical strength, and shrinkage rates, among others, to gain insights into how forests are responding to changing climatic conditions.  

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A person rolling dough with a wooden rolling pin

Wooden Rolling Pins: Understanding Design and Material Impact

There is no limit to the products you can make out of wood components. No one knows this better than Atlas Dowel. We produce many unique wood products that people all over the world use every day. One of those is rolling pins.  

This post will take a closer look at the custom craftsmanship of the popular baking tool. We will discuss their design, the species used to craft rolling pins, and how those made from wood are a healthier alternative to plastic or metal rolling pins.  

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Woodworking tools

Custom Dowel Manufacturing & Secondary Operations 

Atlas Dowel has earned its reputation as your team for custom dowel manufacturing and secondary woodworking operations.  

The reason is simple, we offer secondary options for your dowels and wood components that no other team can.

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