Centerless Grinding Gets the Job Done Faster

Atlas Dowel and Wood Products Company uses a technique known as centerless grinding when constructing our specialty wood products like our decorative spindles. This centerless grinding technique is used to remove material from the wood without using a

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Why More Industries are Choosing Wood Dowels

Why More Industries are Choosing Wood Dowels

September 4, 2023  |  Industry Trends, Wood Dowels

Wooden dowels are one of the most useful components on the market today. They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, they can be painted any color, they are sturdy and boast immense tensile strength and best of all they fit any structural materials budget. Wood dowels are a useful component for almost any project, and it is clear why more and more industries are choosing wood dowels as raw materials.  

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Wood materials with the text, " The Science Behind Wood Joinery"

The Science Behind Wood Joinery

August 7, 2023  |  Project Tips, Wood Joinery

Wood joinery is the craft of connecting pieces of wood together to form a larger, more complex structure without the use of nails, screws or bolts. It is a necessary and essential part of any woodworking project, as it provides strength, stability and flexibility to the final product. Without joinery techniques, a wooden structure would be limited to simple, straight-line designs and 90-degree angles. 

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An outdoor patio with decorative spindles above the text " Centerless Grinding: The Key to High-Quality Decorative Spindles"

Centerless Grinding: The Key to High-Quality Decorative Spindles 

We all love decorative spindles for their style and versatility. Spindles have so many uses that everyone who works with wood components will need them at one point or another.  


From baby cribs, popular fishing equipment, and even handles for gavels, the applications of spindles are endless. 


How can one wood component be made for so many different applications? 

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A person rolling dough with a wooden rolling pin

Wooden Rolling Pins: Understanding Design and Material Impact

There is no limit to the products you can make out of wood components. No one knows this better than Atlas Dowel. We produce many unique wood products that people all over the world use every day. One of those is rolling pins.  

This post will take a closer look at the custom craftsmanship of the popular baking tool. We will discuss their design, the species used to craft rolling pins, and how those made from wood are a healthier alternative to plastic or metal rolling pins.  

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Woodworking tools

Custom Dowel Manufacturing & Secondary Operations 

Atlas Dowel has earned its reputation as your team for custom dowel manufacturing and secondary woodworking operations.  

The reason is simple, we offer secondary options for your dowels and wood components that no other team can.

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A forest

The Positive Environmental Impact of Getting Wood from Managed Forests 

There is a prevalent misconception today that wood and wood products are not environmentally sustainable.

The truth is, wood is an extremely eco-friendly material, so long as it is sourced from areas that use sustainable forestry practices, like those being used here in the Midwest which includes Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. 

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