Custom Dowel Manufacturing & Secondary Operations

Custom Dowel Manufacturing & Secondary Operations 

Custom Dowel Manufacturing & Secondary Operations 

Atlas Dowel has earned its reputation as your team for custom dowel manufacturing and secondary woodworking operations.  


The reason is simple, we offer secondary options for your dowels and wood components that no other team can.  


Order your custom dowels from us according to your specific requirements, so that you don’t have to spend time and resources on additional woodworking operations. 


Keep reading to learn more about the custom dowel and secondary operations Atlas Dowel can offer your team.  


What In-House Secondary Operations Does Atlas Dowel Offer? 


When it comes to secondary operations Atlas Dowel can do just about anything. We can take custom blueprints and create dowels for our clients.  


Drilled holes - Ideal for custom projects, these holes allow easy screw insertion for any project. 


Rounded edges - This makes it easier to insert your dowel into a drilled hole. 


Cross bored

Cross bored – Boring a hole into the side of a dowel makes alignment easier and gives your dowel an improved attachment point that you can use to attach your dowel for more custom projects.


End bored

End bored - Similar to cross-board, end boreds are used for custom projects. Atlas can make end boreds with a variety of depths that fit your specific needs. 


Tenoned dowel

Tenoned - These dowels are ideal for when you plan to use your dowel to make a strong joint with another wooden component. 


Square cut dowel

Square cut - Atlas can customize your cut to make sure your dowel fits perfectly into a drill hole. square cut takes away the sharpness and can ease the ends. 


Chamfered dowel

Chamfered - Use these in place of screws or nails. Chamfered dowels make for easy insertion and your beveled edge can be customized for a variety of lengths.  


Rounded dowel

Rounded ends - A rounded end is smooth rounded or domed. Rounded ends provide a similar look to broom handles. Atlas can round the end of any dowel in-house.  


Pointed dowel

Pointed - Contrary to popular belief Pointed dowels are not pointed. Use these dowels for custom looks on your custom projects. 


Tapered dowel

Tapered - Tapering your dowel to your specifications makes for an improved look.  


Spiral groove dowel

Spiral grooved- Spiral grooving allows your dowel glue to get into little areas. Best used for large pieces of furniture. 


Slotted dowel

Slotted - Slotting your dowels adds improved flexibility and gives you more attachment points. Atlas can customize all your dowel slotting needs in-house. 


Fluted dowel

Fluted- Fluting, similar to slotted, improves grip and adds a firm fit. Atlas Dowel can flute all dowels to your specifications.



Custom Dowels and Secondary Operations All in One Place with Atlas Dowel 


If you rely on custom dowels for your daily operations, then you need a dowel supply that can handle custom jobs and secondary operations in-house. 


Many businesses buy dowels in standard sizes then cut them, round them, or size them to their specifications after the fact. This can result in excessive cost, time, money, and increased labor. 


Atlas Dowel crafts custom dowels and handles all secondary operations in-house to give you your wood components exactly as you need them. No more making phone calls to multiple suppliers or dealing with middlemen that could be costly to your bottom line.  


Get your dowels and wood components exactly as you need them when you reach out to Atlas Dowel today


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