A man building a wooden box

The Importance of Quality Wood in Furniture Making

We use furniture every day, from the chairs we sit on to the desks we work on and even the beds we sleep on at night. 

Furniture plays an important role in our daily lives. It goes beyond comfort; we rely on top-quality furniture for our everyday needs.  

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School's Out, But You Have To Keep Your Grades Up!

May 23, 2019

School may be out, but you still have to keep your grades up! Many times customers ask "Why can't we just price it out by the inch?". Very good question. The answer is, the longer the length the higher the grade. 3 & 2A common grades have a lot of

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Centerless Grinding Gets the Job Done Faster

Atlas Dowel and Wood Products Company uses a technique known as centerless grinding when constructing our specialty wood products like our decorative spindles. This centerless grinding technique is used to remove material from the wood without using a

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