Side Grain Buttons & Plugs

Buttons & Plugs - Side Grain

different color and size Buttons & Plugs - Side Grain
Different Size and Wooden Color Buttons & Plus - Side Grain

Atlas offers a variety of side grain wood buttons and plugs, often used in the stair, furniture and flooring industries. See below for woods and sizes for both side grain furniture plugs and side grain boat deck plugs.

Side Grain Furniture Plugs

These Side grain (face grain) plugs are the finest for matching or contrasting wood by displaying the true grain and beauty of the plug. 

Ash/Hard Maple/Red Oak/White Oak Poplar/Walnut/Cherry Mahogany/Teak

3/8" 3/4"
1/2" 1"

Side Grain Boat Deck Plugs

These Side grain plugs with straight sides are turned .005" to .008"  - oversized for a tight fit.  These plugs are 3/8" long with a small chamfer on one end. 

Ash/Hard Maple/Oak/Poplar/Walnut/Cherry/Mahogany/Teak

3/8"  3/4" 
1/2" 1"