School's Out, But You Have To Keep Your Grades Up!

May 23, 2019

School may be out, but you still have to keep your grades up! Many times customers ask "Why can't we just price it out by the inch?". Very good question. The answer is, the longer the length the higher the grade. 3 & 2A common grades have a lot of imperfections such as bird eyes, knotts, etc., which have to be cleaned up by cutting them out. These grades are commonly used for flooring. For smaller length dowels we can, and do use 1 common lumber which allows us to get 2 - 3 foot cuttings - 36" and shorter, at an economical price. Once you go over the 36" cutting we need to "Up Grade" to select & better, or FAS lumber. Of course these higher grades cost much more than 1 common, but can yield very long dowels, up to 16' in our offerings. Now you know why we have to quote longer length dowels on a individual basis!